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Saturday, 14 February 2009 23:14

Fishing Amsterdam - Go Wild ! Carp-halla for Free !

Amsterdam and Wild, and also fishing related, oops where will this article start and end ...

Amsterdam Sloterplas

In any case, we have decided to honour our site user guests and that we will write our vision
on fishing in Amsterdam, staying there as a dutch fishing tourist, the cheapest way you can ! In your own Bivvy !

As Fishing addict, born Amsterdammer and fully Amsterdam related to the age of 33, we dare to say that
we can write about fishing here. From the center in old Amsterdam West, we moved to Osdorp,

This article will give you bivvy spots, hints and tips, from the vieuw of an extreme floater angler
on carp, living(33) and fishing in Amsterdam for 27 years.
We must say, that we understand those who whould like to go fishing in there bivvy and at this economical regress, we are stimulating the economy for Holland, just by showing you the options for going on a FREE without a Charge - Holiday !(*) (*subject to local regulations fees) in Amsterdam, in the trust that you will try our shoarma and smooked eel.

Lets say you would like to go on a Free carp fishing holiday. To Amsterdam Holland ? For just the travel charges, fishing licenses and Smoked Eel charges, how should you do that ?

At first,read this article and get caught by it.

Latest, Look at our Fishing Holland map, which we have created. We have put some known spots on the map, referring our articles, you may also use this to find a possible Amsterdam fishing (bivvy) build up spot.
Offcoarse there are much more, but see it as a guiding map to a possible sleeping spot.
You cannot held us responsible for any info on our maps. Please take notice of this.

Amsterdam Osdorp, Hoekenes

As from our current knowledge, the HVA Amsterdam(Anglingclub) has a three months(jun/jul/aug) period night fishing in the Amsterdam area.
We will check this info and will confirm later in this article and how and where to become licensed.

In the mean time, we found this info :

  • Fishing Licenses and Vispas(year or week doc) € 45,00
  • Night Bivvy approval license for certain areas : € 12,50(needs 2 pass photo's)
  • 3 rod License : € 35,00(year license, needs 2 pass photo's)

When you need the total license package, you spend approx 100 euro, but when you leave the third rod behind, 35 euro can be saved.

You are able to pickup the license at we fill later

Lets Go wild to Amsterdam, Carphalla Osdorp, what may you expect ?

You are able to take several spots in the Sloterplas area for example. Some nice spots, where you may find one of the??? carps ??? which swim here. Some say 300 others 600, but do you really care ? The author has lived at 60 meters from the Sloterplas for about 5 years. He was able to sneak it out with the direct way he prefers. Laying the peanuts with floater or going for the surface busters. It was great ! It was also the time for social fishing with the friends.

All at middle 20', we fished about 5 times per week. Sometimes with two, sometimes with 5 or more. Barbeque, shelter, rods, beer and smoked Eel. "Hope you break your rod" Winfred sayed to Marcel, when he called him a fishing stupid.
2 Minutes later, he crashed his own... Haha. To much made the rod and fisherman unstable. There is a lot
to catch and to find. As everywhere, you need to be lucky and be on the right place in the right time.
We have experienced 7 in 30 minutes, but also the weeks of nothing.

At the Sloterplas, you can find several spots. At de Plesmanlaan as well. Even the Hoekenes may be an option to think about as the shops are around the corner.
You can also choose to build up at the Ringvaart of Amsterdam(Nieuwe Meer) for example or build up in the Amsterdamse Bos(watch out for the restricted area!).

What do you need to go Wild ?

Basis Fishing Needs !!! All your Standards.
Emergency telephone list.
Band aid kit.
Extra rod standard for protection.
Chemical toilet - appreciated, but no legislation.
Ground Shuffle - legislation for feaces shuffle. Unhook mat required - by legislation ?


In all the years we have fished, we just felt once under trial for attack by crouding north-west africans, so that can happen, but we have also openly been invited on a Turkish family BBQ, who were sharing their open kindness. So, just real life at 2009 ! Expect nothing, but keep your eyes open.
We have lived the greater part of my life in Amsterdam and must say it's really worth it, when you are a bivvy fisherman with fishing friends looking for some new options and experiencing Amsterdams audience.

We hope you appreciate our Amsterdam Carp article and when you GO-WILD, send us some feedback how it has been, as we really spend a lot of time on our open Holland articles.

We know, that you will find yourselves a nice spot with the info we have given.

Enjoy the Carps, Fishing and Life in Carp-halla Amsterdam.

you see that the article is not finished. We will later on, but we just wouldn't keep these holiday options from you.

We will add the chart and shop which should complete your free bivvy Amsterdam Carp fishingtrip.

Wanna go wild when the artcile is not finished yet ??? use the contact page.

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